Municipal Vehicles

Sioux Falls Heavy Rescue 5

By | 01.06.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

A heavy-duty US rescue pumper with an extensive range of special equipment for urban search and rescue operations. The vehicle fleet of the Sioux Falls fire department in South Dakota consists almost exclusively of Rosenbauer [...]

Special ET Class: the TLF 1800 for Georgia

By | 01.05.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

The Rosenbauer ET (Efficient Technology) concept was specially developed, among other reasons, to facilitate the construction of Rosenbauer firefighting vehicle superstructures in the proven aluminum sheet and sandwich construction with all their advantages on a wide [...]

The Logical Outcome: The AT in its Third Generation.

By | 09.03.2020|Company & people, Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 5 minutes read

A key constant in the AT's success story is continuous change. The AT concept has always been subject to further development. Resourceful technicians, sales staff, purchasers, and other employees adapt the concept to market requirements [...]

Universal rescue vehicle up to 5.5 tons

By | 01.03.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

In mid-2019, the Schönau an der Donau volunteer fire department was able to commission a a rescue vehicle with watertank (HLF1-W) conforming to the construction guidelines of the Lower Austrian Fire Brigade Union. The proved [...]

Changes in Vehicle Technology Pioneered by the Rosenbauer AT

By | 28.02.2020|Company & people, Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 6 minutes read

Compared to today, the number of municipal vehicles produced by Rosenbauer was tiny in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The reason for this was that the production was based on the framework engineering principle [...]

Two is always better than one: two HLF 40s for Hamburg Airport

By | 16.12.2019|ARFF Vehicles, Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

By now it is common knowledge that airport fire brigades have special requirements when it comes to their vehicles, but this vehicle - or rather this pair of vehicles (yes, two identical vehicles were delivered) [...]

The ET in Slovenia

By | 01.12.2019|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

... no, the ET is not a vehicle from another galaxy, but it does shine bright on the horizon of the Rosenbauer Group. Slovenian fire departments also put their trust in the Rosenbauer ET. They [...]

Engine Tanker 802: The new firefighting giant of the Willards Volunteer Fire Company, MD.

By | 01.07.2019|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 3 minutes read

With 3,000 g of water on board and a side-mounted pump with a maximum output of 2,250 gpm the new fire truck of the Willards Vol. Fire Company Inc. truly lives up to the “firefighting [...]

An all-rounder for the first attack!

By | 03.06.2019|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

340 hp, 2,000 liters of water, 200 liters of foam - The AT rescue fire fighting vehicle of the AMAG Ranshofen plant fire department is impressive. This vehicle was conceptualized for the initial attack on [...]

It’s all about Physics: Tipping

By | 11.03.2019|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 5 minutes read

Current incidents underline that the overturning, i.e. tipping, of tank firefighting vehicles is currently a hot topic in the firefighting sector. Rosenbauer, as an innovation and world market leader, has always diligently dealt with the [...]