Florian Messe 2020: A successful event in spite of mandatory masks

By | 17.10.2020|Aerials, Equipment, Events, Municipal Vehicles| 4 minutes read

Rosenbauer at the Florian Messe 2020 After three successful days in historical and wonderful Dresden, the Florian Messe drew to a conclusion on October 10, 2020. It had opened three days earlier as [...]

RT final stage prototype testing: big strides towards series production

By | 28.09.2020|CFT (Concept Fire Truck), Innovation, Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 5 minutes read

Based on the Concept Fire Truck (CFT), Rosenbauer has developed the RT (Revolutionary Technology) series, the firefighting vehicle of the future. The first prototype was presented in June 2020. And now it was time to [...]

Safety mission for aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles – Cab & assistance systems

By | 08.09.2020|ARFF Vehicles, Vehicles| 6 minutes read

In the last part of the blog series "Safety mission for aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles," the topics of vehicle stability and driving dynamics were examined in more detail. In this part, we focus [...]

2,500 story points – from the CFT to the RT

By | 04.09.2020|CFT (Concept Fire Truck), Company & people, Innovation, Municipal Vehicles| 7 minutes read

In the summer of 2017, a strategically important decision was made at Rosenbauer: the series development of this vehicle type was to be started based on the CFT technology! The goal: present at Interschutz 2020. [...]

Ready for any event: OMV’s universal fire engine

By | 01.09.2020|Special Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

The universal fire engine ULFA 6000/2000/2000 of the OMV Gänserndorf plant fire department is an absolute HEAD-TURNER. Its length of almost 11 meters is enough in itself to catch the eye. It has to have [...]

Advanced Technology for Switzerland

By | 01.08.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

Amongst others, Switzerland is known for its precision, quality and mountains. These attributes and/or challenges are also perfectly suited to the AT fire fighting and rescue vehicle. Swiss fire departments have a very high quality [...]

L32A-XS 3.0 turntable ladder on a new low-floor chassis

By | 01.07.2020|Aerials, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

In 2018, the following six Danish regions joined forces to jointly invite tenders for eight turntable ladders: Østsjællands Beredskab (Roskilde) Midtjysk Brand & Redning (Silkeborg) Østjyllands Brandvæsen (Aarhus Syd and Aarhus City) Beredskab Øst (Gladsaxe [...]

Sioux Falls Heavy Rescue 5

By | 01.06.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

A heavy-duty US rescue pumper with an extensive range of special equipment for urban search and rescue operations. The vehicle fleet of the Sioux Falls fire department in South Dakota consists almost exclusively of Rosenbauer [...]

Special ET Class: the TLF 1800 for Georgia

By | 01.05.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

The Rosenbauer ET (Efficient Technology) concept was specially developed, among other reasons, to facilitate the construction of Rosenbauer firefighting vehicle superstructures in the proven aluminum sheet and sandwich construction with all their advantages on a wide [...]

New Vehicle Fleet for Dubai Airport

By | 01.04.2020|ARFF Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

Dubai International Airport is the most important airport in the Middle East, and with 89.1 million passengers it is the third largest airport worldwide. The growing number of flights year after year poses a number of [...]