The right fan for every operation

By | 26.03.2020|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

Why positive pressure ventilation? "Fight fire with a fan, not with water!" Statements like this always lead to heated discussions. However, there is a simple principle behind this. In order to survive, people who are [...]

With personal protective equipment at A+A

By | 14.11.2019|Equipment, Events| 3 minutes read

At the beginning of November 2019, Rosenbauer was once again represented as a one-stop supplier of personal protective equipment for firefighters at A+A, the world's leading trade fair for occupational safety and health in Düsseldorf, [...]

Visors for Firefighting Helmets – The Story Behind It

By | 14.10.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

Firefighting helmets for operations in buildings belong to the highest protection category in the field of personal protective equipment. They protect against deadly dangers and prevent irreversible damage. Special emphasis is placed on facial and [...]

Vanished into thin air? Proper disposal of fire fighting foam

By | 05.09.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 2 minutes read

Fire fighting foam is one of the most important products in firefighting operations. It is used to fight class A (solids) and class B (liquids) fires. However, the release of foam compound always has a [...]

FIRE FLEX – putting the protective suit through its paces

By | 04.09.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

What requirements must modern protective firefighting clothing meet? Emergency crews are confronted by a wide variety of hazardous situations on a daily basis. Heat, flames, water, razor-sharp protruding parts and falling masonry, etc. pose constant [...]

The environmental protection and sustainability of firefighting equipment

By | 21.08.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 5 minutes read

Firefighting operations naturally require devices and personal protective equipment that function reliably under exceptional conditions. Depending on the scenario, they must protect against extreme influences such as heat and flame, cold and constant rain, but [...]

Thermal Imaging Cameras – Which is the Right Color Mode?

By | 25.06.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

Thermal imaging cameras have become an integral part of everyday life within the fire service. While some years ago the thermal imaging camera was still a tool exclusively used by urban or professional fire brigades, [...]

The right firefighting helmet for every standard

By | 09.05.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

Before a "firefighting" helmet is placed on the market and may subsequently be used in different application scenarios, it must be tested and certified according to the standards applicable to the respective country. The [...]

Tips for the care and maintenance of NAUTILUS submersible pumps

By | 11.03.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

Failure of fire-fighting equipment during an operation can lead to catastrophic consequences, and of course the same is also true for submersible pumps. For this reason, we have designed our NAUTILUS submersible pumps to be especially [...]

The blessing and curse of “fluorine” in fire fighting foam

By | 23.11.2018|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 2 minutes read

Fire fighting foam is one of the most important products in fire fighting and is used to fight class A (solids) and class B (liquids) fires. The chemical composition has some special characteristics. The so-called [...]