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Florian Messe 2020: A successful event in spite of mandatory masks

By | 17.10.2020|Aerials, Equipment, Events, Municipal Vehicles| 4 minutes read

Rosenbauer at the Florian Messe 2020 After three successful days in historical and wonderful Dresden, the Florian Messe drew to a conclusion on October 10, 2020. It had opened three days earlier as [...]

Drones at emergency services: things to Consider

By | 20.07.2020|Digital Solutions, Products & Solutions| 5 minutes read

In recent months, drones (UAVs) have become a hot topic, and not just for fire services. Be it the shutdowns of airports, the new EU directive, or due to their support in fighting the current [...]

The right fan for every operation

By | 26.03.2020|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

Why positive pressure ventilation? "Fight fire with a fan, not with water!" Statements like this always lead to heated discussions. However, there is a simple principle behind this. In order to survive, people who are [...]

FOX 4 portable pump put into use in the firefighting sports competition

By | 05.03.2020|Fire fighting systems, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

In addition to the usual challenges faced by the fire service, such as exercises, training and, of course, operations, there is also a rigorous selection process in many fire service organizations in various countries. Firefighting [...]

20,000th FOX in action in northern Germany

By | 13.01.2020|Fire fighting systems, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

The success story of the Rosenbauer FOX portable pump series continues... In December 2019, the 20,000th Rosenbauer FOX portable pump was ceremoniously handed over to the Elsdorf-Westermühlen fire department in Rendsburg-Eckernförde district by our Rosenbauer [...]

The Rosenbauer Fire Service Robot is “Red-hot”!

By | 19.11.2019|Events, Fire fighting systems| 5 minutes read

The prototype of the Rosenbauer fire service robot had its TV premiere in the 7th episode of the ORF show "Feuer und Flamme - Der Wettkampf der Lebensretter" (Red-hot - Rescuer Contest), in which 12 [...]

With personal protective equipment at A+A

By | 14.11.2019|Equipment, Events| 3 minutes read

At the beginning of November 2019, Rosenbauer was once again represented as a one-stop supplier of personal protective equipment for firefighters at A+A, the world's leading trade fair for occupational safety and health in Düsseldorf, [...]

Software development at Rosenbauer: from idea to application

By | 21.10.2019|Digital Solutions, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

The world of the fire department relates strongly to solid and tangible things. In this context one likes to think of personal protective equipment, portable pumps, rescue equipment or emergency vehicles – a dream of [...]

Visors for Firefighting Helmets – The Story Behind It

By | 14.10.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

Firefighting helmets for operations in buildings belong to the highest protection category in the field of personal protective equipment. They protect against deadly dangers and prevent irreversible damage. Special emphasis is placed on facial and [...]

Vanished into thin air? Proper disposal of fire fighting foam

By | 05.09.2019|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 2 minutes read

Fire fighting foam is one of the most important products in firefighting operations. It is used to fight class A (solids) and class B (liquids) fires. However, the release of foam compound always has a [...]