Firefighting trendmap 3.0

I’m building my world the way I like it – individualization megatrend

By | 26.02.2018|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

Individualization is one of the dominant megatrends of today. People are increasingly striving to fulfill individual life paths that go hand in hand with the desire for more autonomy and self-determination. This trend is mainly [...]

Silver Society – Benefit from generations of knowledge

By | 12.12.2017|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

The steadily increasing life expectancy is also an exciting development for the fire fighting sector. Due to the increased difficulty in finding new, voluntary forces, experienced colleagues are available for support for a longer period [...]

Gender shift – a change in our society.

By | 15.09.2017|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

The "Gender Shift" trend relates to a fundamental change in the classic gender roles in our world. More and more women are active in fire fighting. Mixing roles is also a popular topic in the [...]

Fully Networked – Megatrend Connectivity

By | 12.07.2017|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

Digitalization, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Products, Big Data - the connectivity megatrend comprises many different slogans. In essence, however, they all pursue a similar goal, namely that of comprehensive networking based on modern [...]

Lifelong learning – myth or reality in fire departments?

By | 02.06.2017|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

Lifelong learning doesn't stop, even in the fire department sector. The increasing number of operational devices and their complex applications demand constant further training by the operating crews. But learning doesn't just take place in [...]

Megatrend New Work – Effects of Workplace Trends on Fire Departments

By | 22.02.2017|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

Advancing technological change and social upheaval are impacting our working world with constantly increasing intensity. Digitalization and automation – keyword Industry 4.0 – are creeping into ever more business areas. On one hand, a multitude [...]

“Fit for Fire” or Health 2.0

By | 06.02.2017|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

A new level of health awareness is not only trending in the private sector, but also with fire departments. In today's society, a changeover from a rigid health system to more individual health consciousness is occurring. [...]

Welcome to the Urban Jungle – Megatrend “Urbanization”

By | 16.01.2017|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

The megatrend towards urbanization is presenting fire departments with new challenges. Cities are becoming more and more crowded and are increasingly developing into smart cities. The number of mega cities, that is, large cities with [...]

Rosenbauer Firefighting Trendmap 3.0

By | 09.12.2016|Firefighting trendmap 3.0, Innovation|

Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict what will happen the following day. However, studies and research can forecast how the world could change in the future and how living conditions could be designed. Our [...]