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Rosenbauer in Japan: A personal journey into the past

By | 27.01.2020|Company & people, Vehicles| 7 minutes read

If, as a newly hired employee, you are asked to see the management in their office after just two weeks, this creates a lasting memory. And it really seems to me like yesterday that the [...]

Internship as Springboard to Rosenbauer

By | 01.10.2019|Company & people| 4 minutes read

Many roads lead to Rome, but also to Rosenbauer. In the case of Markus Furthlehner and Arif Tuna, this road was their summer job in 2018. The two young men - then still technical college [...]

Right ​in ​the ​middle ​of ​things – ARFF Working Group Confrence

By | 25.06.2019|Company & people, Events| 5 minutes read

"Global Partners Working Together for Aviation Fire Safety & Protection" – it was under this slogan that the joint conference of the ARFF Working Group and the Airport Fire Officers Association (AFOA) was held from [...]

Multi-Corporate Hackathon 2019 – A Look Back

By | 15.05.2019|Company & people, Events, Innovation| 4 minutes read

A great atmosphere, highly motivated teams, and promising creative ideas for digital challenges - all this happened during the three intensive working days of the Multi-Corporate Hackathon, which took place at the end of April [...]

Together we can help to save lives.

By | 24.04.2019|Company & people| 3 minutes read

What sets us apart at Rosenbauer is our common overarching goal, combined with our commitment and our innovative, high-tech products to assist those who risk their lives every day to save the lives of others! [...]

Women Power at Rosenbauer

By | 18.12.2018|Company & people| 4 minutes read

Fire trucks and women - two things that are - unfortunately - not immediately associated with one another. And this despite the fact that women in technical professions are a major asset to international industrial [...]

To Upgrade and not Merely ‘Replace’

By | 24.07.2018|Company & people| 4 minutes read

As Rosenbauer UK continue to deliver on the surge of municipal Fire and Rescue Service orders – with a particularly saturated second half of 2018 – I look back to see how the seeds we’ve [...]

From apprenticeship to career at Rosenbauer

By | 14.06.2017|Company & people, Service| 2 minutes read

When training is the success factor Our immediate environment is oftentimes telling of just how different career paths can be. Training, motivation, external factors as well as the professional and private decisions we make on [...]

The Interplay of Theory and Practice

By | 02.03.2017|Company & people| 2 minutes read

Have you ever wondered how a company which relies on technical innovations comes to play a leading role in their respective business area? Does it depend on the continuous improvement and further development of the [...]

Rosenbauer – 150 Years of Innovation built on Tradition in the Service of Fire Departments

By | 12.10.2016|Company & people, Innovation| 2 minutes read

Rosenbauer has been looking to the future for 150 years. The question of how we can support the work of emergency personnel for fires, accidents and catastrophes even more effectively, is what drove and continues [...]