A number of interesting BUFFALO solutions are in operation across the Scandinavian countries. This vehicle type, based on the proven Customized Body System (CBS), makes a significant contribution to airport safety.

The Customized Body System design facilitates the widest range of applications. Even ARFF vehicles are possible. The wide range of possibilities results in a wide variety of vehicle configurations. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some exciting concepts from Scandinavia.

The BUFFALO concept includes ARFF vehicles on 2- and 3-axle chassis with permanent all-wheel drive, single tires, tank capacities of 2,500 to 11,000 liters, and additional extinguishing systems. These vehicles comply with the relevant airport regulations.


BUFFALO 6.100/400/225

Rosenbauer BUFFALO Finavia

Two compact BUFFALO were delivered to Finland in 2016. These 490 hp power packages are less than 9 meters in length. One went to Kittilä Airport in the Finnish region of Lapland, and a second unit to Mariehamn, on the island of Åland.
These vehicles can hold 6,100 liters of water and 400 liters of foam compound on board. The highly modern RM35C turret achieves a throw range of up to 70 meters. Together with 225 kg of powder, this makes it a powerful aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle.




BUFFALO 10.500/630/250

Rosenbauer BUFFALO in Kiruna

A bigger brother serves in the Swedish part of Lapland, more precisely in Kiruna. This BUFFALO holds 10,500 liters of water, 630 liters of foam compound and 250 kilograms of powder. The three-axle chassis, powered by a 550 hp engine, can transport 5 firefighters to the scene of the emergency and deliver up to 6,000 liters per minute via two turrets thanks to its powerful firefighting equipment.




BUFFALO 7.000/600/225

Rosenbauer BUFFALO Sonderborg

A little further south in Denmark, the most modern BUFFALO can be found. At Sønderborg Airport, a BUFFALO with 7,000 liters of water, 600 liters of foam compound and 225 kilograms of powder has been put into service. With its 490 hp, it reaches every scene of emergency quickly and safely and carries a NH55 that delivers 5,000 liters at 10 bar. In addition, a CAFS system is installed. The powerful RM35C and RM15C turrets can extinguish any fire.

Rosenbauer BUFFALO Sonderborg Rosenbauer BUFFALO Sonderborg Rosenbauer BUFFALO Sonderborg


All vehicles are adapted to winter conditions and have a wide range of equipment, which ensures safe operation even at low temperatures.
State-of-the-art, intuitive control technology completes these vehicle concepts.


In operation around the world

Rosenbauer BUFFALO are in operation worldwide. Due to the flexibility of the concept, the vehicles can be designed as compact rapid intervention vehicles (RIVs) or as aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFFs) in accordance with the relevant directives and standards.

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, you can depend on the reliability of the BUFFALO. Do you have a favorite?