The PPV fan, or ‘turbo fan’ – depending on who you’re speaking to and the precise type of fan used – has, within the last decade, been at the forefront of firefighting tactics for many Fire and Rescue Services throughout the UK.

One such highly skilled Fire Service using turbo fan technology regularly on the front line is West Midlands Fire Service; a huge Brigade with the city of Birmingham at the nucleus, consisting of around 39 fire stations staffed by approximately 1,600 firefighters and protecting almost three million inhabitants

Recently, West Midlands Fire Service decided to bolster their fans on the front line and trialled the best the market had to offer. With the prior knowledge of West Mids’ excellence in fan techniques, we knew our product had to be in a position to perform at the absolute pinnacle of turbo fan technology; ergonomic and easy for the firefighter to manoeuvre, with an unrivalled and controlled aggressive air-flow. The new Rosenbauer FANERGY stepped into the trials and blew them away.

To be selected as a Brigade’s perceived number one option on the market is always flattering and reassuring, whether it be with a huge and complex PANTHER, an AT-Stinger or a Turntable Ladder. To be selected by experts in the PPV fan field by a 100% professional organisation, with one of the highest pedigrees of tactical fan use is equally as flattering. West Midlands selected Rosenbauer as their number one choice.

Our obsession with producing and delivering perfection flows from our key products as small but essential as a fire helmet up to a 64 metre aerial appliance, and everything in between. The Rosenbauer FANERGY is no exception. For years, we have strived not only to be competitive in the PPV fan field, but to sit as best-in-class. Our partnership in delivering 45 of our best FANERGY units to West Midlands Fire Service serves as a polite reminder that we’re achieving just that.