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Thomas Hahn

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When Thomas Hahn rolls up his sleeves, you know it's time to protect human lives, production facilities and warehouses. The mission is clear: Using highly innovative extinguishing systems, fires already in formation need to be detected and automatically extinguished under the most difficult conditions, in tunnels, waste bunkers and power plants. In this way, devastating fires are avoided and the livelihoods of many people are kept safe and secure.

Getting the Chemistry Right – Fluorine-free Foaming Agents in Preventive Fire Protection

By | 25.06.2019|Products & Solutions, Stationary fire protection| 2 minutes read

Surfactants reduce the surface tension of liquids and thus enable foaming. In everyday use, you can find them in soaps, shampoos, and detergents. Extinguishing foam contains fluorinated surfactants, some of which are known environmental toxins [...]

Preventative fire protection for our environment

By | 04.07.2018|Events, Stationary fire protection| 3 minutes read

Report from the IFAT 2018 Sustainability is a big concept and is becoming increasingly important in times of growing mountains of waste. About 20,000 tons of plastic waste are washed into the oceans via the [...]