Stefan Wagner

Stefan Wagner

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Professionally, Stefan Wagner concentrates on extinguishing systems and firefighting vehicle components. His daily challenges involve pumps, foam systems and water turrets as well as general firefighting equipment and their applications in a variety of vehicles, from airport and industrial vehicles to municipal firefighting vehicles.

The secret of the droplet size when extinguishing …

By | 19.06.2018|Fire fighting systems, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

... is not really a secret, because it's just physics. Droplet size has a significant impact on extinguishing performance, even if, of course, it's not the only decisive factor. But what droplet sizes are produced [...]

Duplex Stainless Steel meets Rosenbauer Pumps

By | 02.08.2017|Fire fighting systems, Products & Solutions| 2 minutes read

There are many ways to extinguish a fire, but the easiest and most efficient method is still water. Therefore, the most important tool of a fire brigade is the firefighting pump. Operators have many responsibilities [...]

“Water on”

By | 28.12.2016|Fire fighting systems, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

A centrifugal firefighting pump might seem boring at first. But this is only the case superficially, because without the fire pump, nothing happens when it comes to firefighting! From light to heavy-duty industrial vehicles to [...]