Clemens Stangl-Kremser

Clemens Stangl-Kremser

About Clemens Stangl-Kremser

Clemens Stangl-Kremser is a development engineer at the Rosenbauer E-Technology Development (RED) and is working on optimizing the fire engine of the future. The continual development of the Concept Fire Truck (CFT) into sophisticated production vehicles providing new firefighting solutions is what motivates him every day.

RT final stage prototype testing: big strides towards series production

By | 28.09.2020|CFT (Concept Fire Truck), Innovation, Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 5 minutes read

Based on the Concept Fire Truck (CFT), Rosenbauer has developed the RT (Revolutionary Technology) series, the firefighting vehicle of the future. The first prototype was presented in June 2020. And now it was time to [...]

Rosenbauer e-Kart Race: on the race track at full throttle and with turbo boost

By | 24.10.2019|Events| 3 minutes read

In September 2019, the employees of the Innovation and Marketing departments of Rosenbauer International AG and its subsidiary RED Rosenbauer E-Technology Development dared to take part in an environmentally friendly e-kart race. In the newly [...]

The CFT on snow and ice

By | 21.03.2019|CFT (Concept Fire Truck), Innovation, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

The Concept Fire Truck (CFT) went on tour again in February. This time it traveled in Scandinavia and stopped in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We also had the opportunity to make a tour stop at [...]