Peter Hutterer

Peter Hutterer

About Peter Hutterer

Peter Hutterer is responsible for making Rosenbauer's "little vehicles" (AT, ET, CL) fit for the big, wide world. To keep them "healthy" throughout the product lifecycle, he strategically brings them back on track and injects them with a bit of Rosenbauer's mechatronics DNA.

The Logical Outcome: The AT in its Third Generation.

By | 09.03.2020|Company & people, Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 5 minutes read

A key constant in the AT's success story is continuous change. The AT concept has always been subject to further development. Resourceful technicians, sales staff, purchasers, and other employees adapt the concept to market requirements [...]

Universal rescue vehicle up to 5.5 tons

By | 01.03.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

In mid-2019, the Schönau an der Donau volunteer fire department was able to commission a a rescue vehicle with watertank (HLF1-W) conforming to the construction guidelines of the Lower Austrian Fire Brigade Union. The proved [...]

The ET in Slovenia

By | 01.12.2019|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

... no, the ET is not a vehicle from another galaxy, but it does shine bright on the horizon of the Rosenbauer Group. Slovenian fire departments also put their trust in the Rosenbauer ET. They [...]

It’s all about Physics: Tipping

By | 11.03.2019|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 5 minutes read

Current incidents underline that the overturning, i.e. tipping, of tank firefighting vehicles is currently a hot topic in the firefighting sector. Rosenbauer, as an innovation and world market leader, has always diligently dealt with the [...]