Marlene Pichler

Marlene Pichler

About Marlene Pichler

Marlene Pichler works with Rosenbauer Know-How, which is one component of the company. In her role as a knowledge manager, she needs the necessary perspective to identify and make complex knowledge areas more accessible. In addition, she keeps tabs on future mega- and firefighting trends, and also on their impact upon the world of firefighting.

Silver Society – Benefit from generations of knowledge

By | 12.12.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

The steadily increasing life expectancy is also an exciting development for the fire fighting sector. Due to the increased difficulty in finding new, voluntary forces, experienced colleagues are available for support for a longer period [...]

Gender shift – a change in our society.

By | 15.09.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

The "Gender Shift" trend relates to a fundamental change in the classic gender roles in our world. More and more women are active in fire fighting. Mixing roles is also a popular topic in the [...]

Lifelong learning – myth or reality in fire departments?

By | 02.06.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

Lifelong learning doesn't stop, even in the fire department sector. The increasing number of operational devices and their complex applications demand constant further training by the operating crews. But learning doesn't just take place in [...]

How secure is “secure”? – Firefighting Trend Security in Focus

By | 12.04.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

Nowadays, when security is mentioned, several types can be distinguished: on the one hand, the absence of violence and unrest, on the other, the security of one's own personal sphere. Also, however, one needs to [...]

“Fit for Fire” or Health 2.0

By | 06.02.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

A new level of health awareness is not only trending in the private sector, but also with fire departments. In today's society, a changeover from a rigid health system to more individual health consciousness is occurring. [...]

Rosenbauer Firefighting Trendmap 3.0

By | 09.12.2016|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict what will happen the following day. However, studies and research can forecast how the world could change in the future and how living conditions could be designed. Our [...]