Johannes Wampl

Johannes Wampl

About Johannes Wampl

In a manner of speaking Johannes Wampl is Rosenbauer's in-house equipment manager. As an expert in the area of "Fire and Safety Equipment“ he travels the international fire department world, and assists fire departments with his specialist knowledge of firefighting helmets and power generators right through to thermal imaging cameras.

FOX 4 portable pump put into use in the firefighting sports competition

By | 05.03.2020|Fire fighting systems, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

In addition to the usual challenges faced by the fire service, such as exercises, training and, of course, operations, there is also a rigorous selection process in many fire service organizations in various countries. Firefighting [...]

Quick & easy: Maintenance & repair of HEROS helmets

By | 18.05.2018|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 2 minutes read

The firefighting helmet is one of the most important components of the personal protection equipment (PPE). It also protects our head. To ensure the suitability of our helmet for exercises and operations, a check is [...]

Supplying buildings with emergency power – What you should know!

By | 09.02.2018|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

The possibility of a blackout can no longer be ruled out. Due to the increasing number and importance of electronic devices and tools, the consequences of a total power outage are also significantly more drastic. [...]

FIRE FIT 2 – “the economy class”

By | 29.11.2017|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

"Less is often more," this is a fitting description for the FIRE FIT 2 protective suit. The voluntary fire service system is incredibly popular, especially in the Central European firefighting world. One of the most [...]

“Communication is everything”

By | 04.09.2017|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

Radio solutions for helmets using the HEROS-titan as an example There is no doubt that firefighting tasks are diverse and difficult to predict and plan in most cases. Communication among the emergency crews is therefore [...]

RLS2000 – wireless lighting power

By | 20.04.2017|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 4 minutes read

Artificial lighting is a must especially for rescue operations at night or without daylight. This affects essentially all rescue organizations (fire departments, technical relief organizations, police, rescue, mountain rescue, etc.) which render assistance under such conditions. As [...]

Extinguishing fires with air – how does that work?

By | 13.03.2017|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 2 minutes read

Well, it is not meant to be taken literally, because fires are still extinguished with water. Nevertheless, the use of air is a very powerful weapon in fighting fires, because, as every firefighter is aware: [...]

New EFI injection technology finds its way into the RS14 power generator

By | 14.02.2017|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

The RS 14 is one of the most powerful power generators of its class and is very popular with customers. It was only 2015 when the third generation was presented at the Interschutz trade show [...]

Hands-free with the C1 helmet thermal imaging camera

By | 17.11.2016|Equipment, Products & Solutions| 3 minutes read

Thermal imaging technology found its way into the fire fighting industry years ago and has since become ubiquitous. Gone are the days of training on tedious search methods and using half of your air supply [...]