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Josef Kern

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If you want to know something about America at Rosenbauer, “Mr. America” Josef Kern is your man. Even colleagues from Rosenbauer America get tips from him when they travel in the USA. With the help of the 900 employees in the USA and his support, Rosenbauer managed to become the #1 in the worldwide firefighting business, as every third vehicle is already manufactured to American standards.

Sioux Falls Heavy Rescue 5

By | 01.06.2020|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

A heavy-duty US rescue pumper with an extensive range of special equipment for urban search and rescue operations. The vehicle fleet of the Sioux Falls fire department in South Dakota consists almost exclusively of Rosenbauer [...]

Wyndmoor Fire Rescue 82

By | 02.01.2020|Aerials, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

A multifunctional aerial with first-attack qualities on a maneuverable Commander chassis. Since last year, Wyndmoor Hose Company No.1 has been operating with a new 55’ Articulating Cobra Platform (ACP). The vehicle combines no less than [...]

Engine Tanker 802: The new firefighting giant of the Willards Volunteer Fire Company, MD.

By | 01.07.2019|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 3 minutes read

With 3,000 g of water on board and a side-mounted pump with a maximum output of 2,250 gpm the new fire truck of the Willards Vol. Fire Company Inc. truly lives up to the “firefighting [...]

In Focus: The Tiller of the Ventura County Fire Department

By | 03.12.2018|Aerials, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

This is one of the most extraordinary fire engines in the world and enjoys cult status not only in the USA. We are talking about the Tiller ladder, a fully automated hydraulic aerial ladder on [...]

In Focus: Rosenbauer Avenger

By | 01.08.2018|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

At the FDIC, the largest American firefighting exhibition, the new Avenger celebrated its debut in 2017. It is the high-end variant of the Rosenbauer custom chassis. Both outside and in, the new Avenger presents itself [...]