Harald Muckenhuber

Harald Muckenhuber

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Harald Muckenhuber is faster than fire. As a Product Manager for preventative fire protection, he deals with turnkey Special Extinguishing Systems, which identify fires by means of integrated measuring and fire detection systems at the point of origin and literally nip the resulting fire in the bud with highly efficient firefighting equipment.

Innovative extinguishing technology for greater protection in hazardous materials storage

By | 14.11.2017|Stationary fire protection| 2 minutes read

Hazardous goods pose significant risks: if a fire occurs, people, and likewise the environment, can be endangered when storing and handling flammable materials. This often results in costly business downtime due to repair and renovation [...]

One remote control device, six turrets

By | 19.06.2017|Products & Solutions, Stationary fire protection| 2 minutes read

In emergencies, extinguishing from a safe distance with a good view of the seat of the fire is a must in order to handle the situation quickly. To provide emergency personnel and specialist personnel in [...]