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Georg Pilsner

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As an innovation manager and collector of ideas, Georg Pilsner has always listened to new product ideas from his colleagues. According to the motto "Every idea counts", everyone in the company should have the opportunity to actively contribute to the next firefighting innovation.

Megatrend of neo-ecology – more than just organic!

By | 06.11.2019|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 3 minutes read

The “interrelationship between living things and their environment” - that is the definition of ecology - and it seems to have hardly ever been more critically scrutinized or put to the test than of late. [...]

Multi-Corporate Hackathon 2019 – A Look Back

By | 15.05.2019|Company & people, Events, Innovation| 4 minutes read

A great atmosphere, highly motivated teams, and promising creative ideas for digital challenges - all this happened during the three intensive working days of the Multi-Corporate Hackathon, which took place at the end of April [...]

Let’s Hack! – Multi-Corporate Hackathon 2019

By | 02.04.2019|Events, Innovation| 2 minutes read

The term "hackathon" is a bit misleading. While you would think that this is about "hacking", i.e., illegally collecting data and information, a hackathon is actually a multi-day developer event during which people work hard [...]

I’m building my world the way I like it – individualization megatrend

By | 26.02.2018|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

Individualization is one of the dominant megatrends of today. People are increasingly striving to fulfill individual life paths that go hand in hand with the desire for more autonomy and self-determination. This trend is mainly [...]

Height test with extinguishing drone

By | 12.10.2017|Innovation| 2 minutes read

Drones for fire fighting is no longer an utopian dream. They are already being successfully used to survey locations and for fire reconnaissance, and they are most likely also suitable for fire fighting. That is [...]

Fully Networked – Megatrend Connectivity

By | 12.07.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

Digitalization, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Products, Big Data - the connectivity megatrend comprises many different slogans. In essence, however, they all pursue a similar goal, namely that of comprehensive networking based on modern [...]

The Challenge of “Mobility of the Future”

By | 15.05.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

By now, for most people mobility has become a basic requirement which they cannot or will not do without in many aspects of their lives, be it professionally or privately. Through continuous technical progress and [...]

Megatrend New Work – Effects of Workplace Trends on Fire Departments

By | 22.02.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

Advancing technological change and social upheaval are impacting our working world with constantly increasing intensity. Digitalization and automation – keyword Industry 4.0 – are creeping into ever more business areas. On one hand, a multitude [...]

Welcome to the Urban Jungle – Megatrend “Urbanization”

By | 16.01.2017|Firefighting trendmap, Innovation| 2 minutes read

The megatrend towards urbanization is presenting fire departments with new challenges. Cities are becoming more and more crowded and are increasingly developing into smart cities. The number of mega cities, that is, large cities with [...]