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Product Manager Special Vehicles (until October 2019)

Equipped for emergencies: special vehicles for the oil refining industry

By | 31.07.2019|Special Vehicles, Vehicles| 4 minutes read

Oil: still one of the most important raw materials today. It forms the basis of countless products, and thus has enormous influence on the world market. Prior to the final products being created, a large [...]

Red Bull 400 – a firefighting competition with a difference.

By | 05.11.2018|Events| 2 minutes read

Running up a ski jump might sound a bit crazy, but it's an exciting challenge to look back on. Humanity always tries to strive for more - and we also look for ways to push [...]

In Focus: HAZMAT Decon at National 119 Rescue Headquarter

By | 03.04.2018|Special Vehicles, Vehicles| 2 minutes read

There is a saying about the "egg-laying and milk-giving wool-pig," which doesn't exist as far as we know. However, today I would like to introduce a concept that comes very close to it: The decontamination [...]

When Fire takes hold of Nature

By | 18.01.2018|Special Vehicles, Vehicles| 4 minutes read

Forest firefighting vehicles - deployed under the most extreme conditions. As a leading manufacturer of special vehicles, Rosenbauer's wildland firefighting application area is also a key focus. The competence center for forest and bush firefighting [...]

BUFFALOs in the far North

By | 20.12.2016|ARFF Vehicles, Special Vehicles, Vehicles| 3 minutes read

A number of interesting BUFFALO solutions are in operation across the Scandinavian countries. This vehicle type, based on the proven Customized Body System (CBS), makes a significant contribution to airport safety. The Customized Body System [...]

Heavy rescue vehicles of the current design

By | 12.10.2016|Special Vehicles, Vehicles| 4 minutes read

Modern heavy rescue vehicles, or how oversized toolboxes turned into high-performance rescue vehicles. You often hear that the concept of the heavy rescue vehicle is a bit outdated. But current examples demonstrate ever more that [...]