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Daniel Hofstätter

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Daniel Hofstätter's professional world revolves around big things: complex industrial and special firefighting vehicles in different categories, from CBS tank fire fighting vehicles to rescue vehicles. As a Product Manager, he is fully responsible for these product groups

Perfect for the Most Extreme Conditions – the TIGON Industrial Fire Fighting Vehicle

By | 01.04.2019|Special Vehicles, Vehicles|

The new TIGON towers over everything that has existed before. The TATRA FORCE chassis, known for its outstanding off-road capability, is combined with a Rosenbauer power train with VOLVO engine and high-end industrial extinguishing technology [...]

Red Bull 400 – a firefighting competition with a difference.

By | 05.11.2018|Events|

Running up a ski jump might sound a bit crazy, but it's an exciting challenge to look back on. Humanity always tries to strive for more - and we also look for ways to push [...]

The TIGON. Radical in every way.

By | 03.08.2018|Special Vehicles, Vehicles|

Remote oilfields, hard-to-reach industrial facilities, mines and extreme terrain are all challenges that emergency services find difficult to overcome. That's why we have provided them with the right tool - the TIGON. The radical minimization [...]

In Focus: HAZMAT Decon at National 119 Rescue Headquarter

By | 03.04.2018|Special Vehicles, Vehicles|

There is a saying about the "egg-laying and milk-giving wool-pig," which doesn't exist as far as we know. However, today I would like to introduce a concept that comes very close to it: The decontamination [...]

When Fire takes hold of Nature

By | 18.01.2018|Special Vehicles, Vehicles|

Forest firefighting vehicles - deployed under the most extreme conditions. As a leading manufacturer of special vehicles, Rosenbauer's wildland firefighting application area is also a key focus. The competence center for forest and bush firefighting [...]

BUFFALOs in the far North

By | 20.12.2016|ARFF Vehicles, Special Vehicles, Vehicles|

A number of interesting BUFFALO solutions are in operation across the Scandinavian countries. This vehicle type, based on the proven Customized Body System (CBS), makes a significant contribution to airport safety. The Customized Body System [...]

Heavy rescue vehicles of the current design

By | 12.10.2016|Special Vehicles, Vehicles|

Modern heavy rescue vehicles, or how oversized toolboxes turned into high-performance rescue vehicles. You often hear that the concept of the heavy rescue vehicle is a bit outdated. But current examples demonstrate ever more that [...]