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Bernhard Stadler

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Bernhard Stadler can help with questions about the "smaller" vehicles from Rosenbauer (CL, ET, AT). As a Product Manager for municipal firefighting vehicles (until May 2018), he takes care of everything from "family planning" to "rebirth" and, therefore, of course, knows the names and birthdays of all of his "children"!

Variability has a name: CL-P

By | 03.05.2017|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles|

Anyone who sees a vehicle from this series can only guess at how many different application possibilities this new superstructure offers fire departments! Portable pump vehicle, small firefighting vehicle, logistics vehicle, equipment vehicle, or small rescue vehicle are all possible! Variability [...]

Flexibility has a name: Compact Line!

By | 22.03.2017|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles|

"The CL is the vehicle from Rosenbauer with the large, one-piece electric roll-up-type doors!" – Yes, that's right! But it is just one of the many variants with a special option from the CL options list. [...]

Tried and tested technology for any fire department – efficiency worldwide!

By | 06.12.2016|Municipal Vehicles, Vehicles|

Core module with tank and pre-installed pump unit The firefighting trucks of the AT series (Advanced Technology) demonstrate daily in countless operations why this series is so successful. Even so, the AT was [...]