Thomas Hahn
Thomas HahnProduct Manager Preventative Fire Protection
When Thomas Hahn rolls up his sleeves, you know it’s time to protect human lives, production facilities and warehouses. The mission is clear: Using highly innovative extinguishing systems, fires already in formation need to be detected and automatically extinguished under the most difficult conditions, in tunnels, waste bunkers and power plants.
Thomas Hartinger
Thomas HartingerHead of Telematics
Thomas Hartinger is the expert on “bits and bytes” at Rosenbauer. As the Director of Telematics and Information Management, he is involved with the future software and hardware requirements of emergency response organizations. His creed: “Water will always be used to put out fires, but new technologies can help as well.”
Daniel Hofstätter
Daniel HofstätterProduct Manager Special Vehicles
Daniel Hofstätter’s professional world revolves around big things: complex industrial and special firefighting vehicles in different categories, from CBS tank fire fighting vehicles to rescue vehicles. As a Product Manager, he is fully responsible for these product groups
Michael Kristeller
Michael KristellerManaging Director Rosenbauer Karlsruhe GmbH & Co. KG
Michael Kristeller is, so to speak, essentially a synonym for the Karlsruhe plant, whose tradition and success dates back to the founding of the company by fire brigade pioneer Carl Metz in 1842. Today’s Rosenbauer Karlsruhe GmbH & Co. KG, of which the managing director is Michael Kristeller, is now the competence center of Rosenbauer for aerial rescue technology.
Sven Lindenfelser
Sven LindenfelserProduct Manager Aerials
Sven Lindenfelser takes his job to new heights. As a product manager for aerial rescue vehicles, he advises fire departments worldwide on the choice of the right aerial rescue vehicle and ensures that the Rosenbauer aerial rescue vehicles are improved and further developed in coordination with the customer.
Oliver North
Oliver NorthGeneral Manager Rosenbauer UK
Oliver North has been Rosenbauer’s UK Ambassador since 2007, and since 2014, General Manager of Rosenbauer UK. Leading an accomplished team of over 20 people from a new state-of-the-art UK Headquarters, Oliver North oversees all aspects of Rosenbauer’s UK success, particularly in Aerials, Panthers, Helmets and Thermal Imaging Cameras.
Georg Pilsner
Georg PilsnerInnovation Management & Trend Research
As an innovation manager and collector of ideas, Georg Pilsner has always listened to new product ideas from his colleagues. According to the motto “Every idea counts”, everyone in the company should have the opportunity to actively contribute to the next firefighting innovation.
Bernhard Stadler
Bernhard StadlerHead of Engineering Vehicle
Bernhard Stadler can help with questions about the “smaller” vehicles from Rosenbauer (CL, ET, AT). As a Product Manager for municipal firefighting vehicles, he took care of everything from “family planning” to “rebirth” and, therefore, of course, knows the names and birthdays of all of his “children”!
Stefan Wagner
Stefan Wagner Sales Fire Fighting & Body Components
Professionally, Stefan Wagner concentrates on extinguishing systems and firefighting vehicle components. His daily challenges involve pumps, foam systems and water turrets as well as general firefighting equipment and their applications in a variety of vehicles, from airport and industrial vehicles to municipal firefighting vehicles.
Johannes Wampl
Johannes WamplEquipment Specialist
In a manner of speaking Johannes Wampl is Rosenbauer’s in-house equipment manager. As an expert in the area of “Fire and Safety Equipment“ he travels the international fire department world, and assists fire departments with his specialist knowledge of firefighting helmets and power generators right through to thermal imaging cameras.
Roland Weber
Roland WeberProduct Manager Fire Fighting & Body Components
In Roland Weber’s professional life, everything revolves around fire! As Global Product Manager, he is responsible for all products that can be used to pump water, mix foam, and thus extinguish fires. This includes, among other things, portable pumps, centrifugal pumps, foam proportioning systems, compressed air foam systems and water monitors.