Thanks to their robust design and regular servicing and maintenance, Rosenbauer ATs provide decades of reliable service. With the upgrade offers from Rosenbauer Customer Service, it is possible to make the vehicles fit for today’s requirements and to significantly increase their functionality. The upgrade measures are modular and therefore the vehicles can be upgraded and improved according to individual requirements.

LED upgrades

There have been important technological leaps in lighting over the years: more light, less power consumption. Modern LED technology offers numerous advantages over conventional, halogen lighting products. Up to three times the luminosity and thus an enormous level of illumination. LED lighting actively contributes to enhancing safety and efficiency in poor visibility conditions. With LED conversion kits from Rosenbauer, vehicles can be significantly upgraded in terms of lighting, and thus adapted to the fire department’s current requirements.

 LED upgrade packages

  • Scene lighting
  • Blue lights
  • Equipment compartment and crew cab lighting
  • Light mast lighting (also retrofitting a light mast)

Turning assistant

Maximum concentration is always required during emergency journeys, which is why safety-relevant driver assistance systems are needed more than ever. The turning assistant significantly reduces the risk of blind spots, can be used on all vehicle types, and is also eligible for financial support in many areas.

Holders/equipment, crew cab

The requirements for fire departments are changing and so is the equipment needed. New equipment can be retrofitted and securely stowed using the latest stowage systems, such as rotating compartments or slide trays. Crew cabs are upgraded with action towers and/or safety harnesses and made much safer.

Extinguishing components

Complete components are also upgraded or retrofitted, for example, turret systems, turret controls on CAN-BUS technology, DRE function or upgrades to the latest foam proportioning systems.

Connected fleet, GPS tracker

RDS Connected Fleet is a perfect retrofit solution for customers to keep track of the vehicle position, notifications, and relevant vehicle information. Connected Fleet is particularly suitable or retrofittable for all Rosenbauer vehicles with a CAN-BUS system, but it is also suitable as a GPS tool for vehicles/fleets without CAN-Bus as well as vehicles of other types and manufacturers. For networking vehicles and visualizing the live scene, the RDS Plug-In Tracker 100 is also a perfect option, which guarantees instantaneous and uncomplicated handling in a flash. The tracker has its own SIM card and is powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.