Over the past five years, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy huge success in the UK – a previously ‘untapped’ municipal region for the Group.

The UK Fire & Rescue Services have around 15% of the numbers of aerials which Germany and Austria have, due to sharing of assets (fire trucks) over larger geographical areas. With this in mind, the role of the AT-STINGER becomes all the more significant.

With bigger industrial fires becoming more frequent, the UK Fire Service called on manufacturers to come up with a solution which simply does more than a more standard pumper.
After years of consultation between Rosenbauer and, in particular, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service’s Firefighters, Union Representatives and Brigade Management; the stunning AT-STINGER has been born.

Rosenbauer AT-StingerThe AT-STINGER’s presence means a pumper can now deal with a larger scale fire even better than an Aerial Ladder Platform, which can then remain on standby for life-saving rescues and fires at height. The 16,5m Rosenbauer ‘STINGER’ HRET has the luxury of 4.000 litres per minutes thrown over a distance of more than 80 metres and a piercing tool which can punch into compartments and go to work by delivering 1.000 litres per minute from the perforations in the spike.
With other absolute luxuries such as video and thermal imaging at the tip, wireless operation and state-of-the art lighting from height, all with the increased water delivery, the boom package provides the perfect insurance for the six firefighters crewing the truck.

The AT-STINGER is, in my opinion and without question, the best looking fire truck in the country. The ease of operation also eclipses anything this technologically advanced too, meaning the efficiency and effectiveness of the truck is always as close to 100% as physically possible.

All-in-all, a huge region of England – the County of Lancashire – with only four aerial appliances, can now handle the largest scale fires from a ‘normal’ pumper with absolute ease. And as importantly, due to the AT-STINGER’s small shape and light weight, the smaller incidents are attended as quickly as any of the Brigade’s smaller pumpers too!

I fully expect the AT-STINGER to become a standard appliance, serving the UK’s excellent firefighters on a daily basis, throughout the UK’s world-class Fire & Rescue Services.

Rosenbauer AT-Stinger Rosenbauer AT-Stinger Rosenbauer AT-Stinger