One might think it’s all just a matter of course by now. In 2012 the PANTHER 6×6 S, 2015 the PANTHER 4×4 & 6×6, and now the “King of Airports” – the new PANTHER 8×8.
But the launch of the new vehicle, or even just the initial information released to the public that “it” is finally here, always comes with a bit of anxiousness. The same is the case with the new PANTHER 8×8.

Of course, it was no big secret that Rosenbauer’s developers have been quietly working on the new, largest ever PANTHER. But what it can do and what it looks like – this is always an exciting moment all over again. So it was very exciting to publish the first photo of the new PANTHER 8×8 aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle at the end of April of this year.

Many enthusiasts and customers have asked why the first photo of our latest development was from the rear. There are two primary reasons for this: on the one hand, we used the same driver’s cab for the PANTHER 8×8 as the 6×6 and 4×4 series. This ensures functional similarity and that the ARFF vehicles have a uniform design. On the other hand, there is something truly special about the rear of the 8×8. The two engines, which together output 1,400 PS and more (if you think we’re trying to build the suspense even more, you may be correct ;-)) are the heart of this giant vehicle. So it is this very special chassis that we wanted to showcase the first time CEO Dieter Siegel sent out information about the new vehicle to the Rosenbauer Community and customers.

Naturally, the new design and the driver’s cab are not the only things we changed for the new model. The new PANTHER 8×8 also emphasizes safety and user-friendliness. What does that mean, exactly? We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises! 😉 Stay tuned, more info is on the way …