No airline passenger ever wants to experience an emergency, but such situations do occur from time to time. That is why every airport (depending on size) must – according to the regulations of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – possess certain quantities of firefighting equipment, vehicles and, above all, crew, in order to be prepared for emergencies.

As a rule, the ICAO firefighting teams consist of 1-3 airfield fire engines, a command vehicle and an auxiliary firefighting vehicle or rescue vehicle. In addition to these standardized fleets, an emergency rescue stair vehicle is deployed at most airports, including Düsseldorf Airport.

The E5000 Rescue Stairs delivered at the end of 2018 provide a second, alternative escape route out of the aircraft or an additional means of access for the firefighting team into the aircraft in the event of flight emergencies in which the aircraft is still able to land under its own power and using its own landing gear. In addition, the rescues stairs serve as an access route for doctors and paramedics in the event of medical emergencies. Patients can also be safely offloaded due to the wide staircase.

The key features of the E5000 Rescue Stairs are:

  • Simple operation by means of pre-selection of aircraft type and door height
  • One-man operation
  • Wide escape/attack route
  • Fast set-up and deployment time
  • Leveling of uneven floors and surfaces
  • Sophisticated lighting concept
  • Compatible with a variety of firefighting and rescue systems

Through my work in sales where I act as an interface between technology and customers, I have been able to obtain great insights into the work of the fire brigade at Düsseldorf Airport throughout this project. As a result, everything has been ideally adapted to the customer and his needs.


Technical data

E5000 Escape Stairs