Three years ago, the Paderborn Fire Department started to look into vehicle procurement and its design. Based on an internal employee survey and the definition of the technical and operational requirements, in September 2018 the Paderborn Fire Department began the procurement of three identically constructed and identically equipped fire fighting vehicles for its full-time manned firehouses.

With the procurement of this new generation of vehicles, the Paderborn Fire Department is pursuing a goal of modernizing and standardizing its vehicle fleet.

Prior to procurement, a detailed market analysis was carried out on possible combinations of different body types and chassis. In addition, newly available equipment was extensively tested in operational practice, many a long-known load item was critically questioned and better alternatives were sought. This is why the Rosenbauer AT (Advanced Technology) was chosen, especially with regard to the firefighting superstructure.

The guiding principle during the design was: the HLF 20 is always the first vehicle on the scene of operations with six highly trained firefighters. The vehicle should give the emergency crews the right tools to deal with ANY situation in the first 15 minutes.

To turn night into day during difficult rescues, the state of the art and brightest LED lighting was used all around. Up to 57,600 lm of light output is available on the pneumatic light mast in the middle of the vehicle.

The vehicle driver has a tablet PC at their workstation on which they receive mission data and can call up important information, such as fire fighting operational plans, aerial images and hazardous material data.


Technical data

Technical details of the AT for the Paderborn Fire Department