Amongst others, Switzerland is known for its precision, quality and mountains. These attributes and/or challenges are also perfectly suited to the AT fire fighting and rescue vehicle.

Swiss fire departments have a very high quality awareness and the AT (Advanced Technology) can fully meet this requirement. In AT production in Leonding, Austria, the previously determined configuration is precisely implemented and quality is checked in many sub-steps.

The demands are also evident in the water discharge. In the past, manually operated water discharge outlets were required and today they often have to be electrically automated pressure discharge outlets. These discharge outlets are equipped with soft openings: this way the hose is filled slowly and there are no pressure shocks. Full pressure is only applied when there is a minimum counter-pressure. This function can be overridden manually. The NH35 combined normal/high pressure pump, the 3,000 liter water tank and 200 liter foam tank, as well as the DIGIMATIC 42 direct injection foam proportioning system complete the main equipment of the AT.

Especially in mountainous regions, fire departments are dependent on a certain engine power from the chassis. The Scania with its 410 hp Euro 6 engine fits perfectly here into this mountain landscape.

Swiss fire departments appreciate the combination of Scania and AT with the squad version or the integrated crew cab.


Technical data

AT Rescue fire fighting vehicle for Switzerland