How is a simulator center created? And how do you even come up with the idea of a simulator center? This article tells the story of the Simulator Center Paris – what requirements there were, and how the project could ultimately be realized through cooperation between Rosenbauer and Paris CDG Airport.

It all started with a visit by fire department chief Vincent Robert and his team from the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Rosenbauer in Leonding, where they were shown the cockpit simulator. The demonstration and the product impressed them, and so a follow-up meeting to talk in further detail about the topic of simulators was quickly arranged. The idea of a “Rosenbauer Simulator and PANTHER 8×8” appealed to the team so much that the discussions became more and more concrete.

The first ideas revolved around the procurement of a cockpit simulator. Gradually, additional wishes emerged, such as the simulator’s conformity with the ICAO Association. This gave birth to the idea of combining several simulators for the airport. So, from the original cockpit simulator, a cockpit simulator with two desktop simulators was developed.

Rosenbauer Simulator Center_Airport CDG_Aufbau

Since a desktop simulator is a small simulator without any cockpit that is – as the name suggests – mounted on a desk, it quickly became clear that this would not be suited to a simulation center like the one envisioned for Paris. Without further ado, the Rosenbauer PANTHER design team developed a generic cockpit for the desktop simulators – with original steering wheel, gear selector and pump and roll start button.


Rosenbauer Simulator Center_Airport CDG_Aufbau2

The solution impressed, and after just under six months of production and commissioning time, the Simulator Center Paris at Charles de Gaulle Airport was officially handed over in mid-December 2017. Since then, every level of the airport fire department has been training for possible scenarios in the simulator on a daily basis.


Rosenbauer Simulator Center_Airport CDG_Test2

Vincent Robert, SSLIA Manager at Paris CDG Airport:

“For us, this simulator is very important in preparing us for the most critical cases and maintaining reflexes on everyday incidents. In addition to real exercises performed on a real device, we can recreate on the simulator various situations that can not be materialized in real conditions.
This tool allows you to train on all types of situations and this in all weather conditions .
A real plus for the maintenance of firefighter skills!


Rosenbauer Simulator Center_Airport CDG_Test

The unique Simulator Center arouses plenty of interest! International airport firefighters and the press have already heard much about the Simulator Center. CNN International, with presenter by Richard Quest, have already visited the simulator to shoot a report on innovative technologies and training at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. And even some other airport fire brigades have undertaken visits to see for themselves what the unique Simulator Center is capable of.