For almost a year now, Rosenbauer customers have been able to make purchases in an extensive onlineshop. E-commerce with products via the Internet has been enjoying increasing popularity for years.  Whether Amazon, Zalando or Apple, the largest companies in the world all offer digital shopping options.

With the implementation of a professional onlineshop, prospective customers worldwide are able to request up-to-date information for selected Rosenbauer products around the clock, configure them, generate offers, and order the products online.

What sounds simple, however, becomes incredibly complex when you also want to introduce your own business model to digital commerce. Much has changed in recent years – mainly due to e-commerce. Online commerce has been integrated into many areas: into every process, into every channel, into every tool. This also posed a major challenge for Rosenbauer. A wide variety of processes had to be newly developed and defined in cooperation with the respective departments; from product management and accounting to logistics.

After a longer project phase and extensive tests, the online shop went live in September 2021. In it, customers can select from among various Rosenbauer products. These include firefighter helmets such as the HEROS Titan, firefighting boots such as the BOROS B4, nozzles such as the RTE FX, but also stowage systems, rolling containers, and a wide range of accessories.

The online shop and all information contained therein, such as prices, product information, documents and brochures, user information etc. can be accessed by visitors worldwide. Orders can currently be placed from Austria and Germany, but individual offers can already be requested from any country in the world.

One brilliant function, which is incredibly practical and can be used very easily, is the request list. This enables customers to place various products on a ‘watchlist’ and to make direct inquiries about them with the regional Rosenbauer contact. Additionally, the individual inquiry list is also available as a PDF download, allowing you, for example, to take it with you to internal meetings as a reminder.

The Rosenbauer sales team is also sent an e-mail right away, allowing them to immediately contact the person making the request in order to answer any questions or clarify other details. This not only automates a complex sales process within Rosenbauer, but also makes it easier, faster and more effective for customers to obtain information or inquire about products.

Accordingly, one of the main goals of the online shop is the implementation of a multidimensional digital transformation and higher customer satisfaction through the ability to shop and obtain information 24/7. This not only increases customer loyalty, but also strengthens the interaction with the Rosenbauer brand worldwide. The aim is not only to supply selected countries, but also to offer firefighting services worldwide – as well as other emergency services and interested parties – the opportunity to order Rosenbauer products quickly and easily.

Over 70,000 people have visited the online shop since its launch, and more than 700 orders have been made. More than half of the users access the shop via a mobile device (65 %), followed by desktop access (34 %), and a few via tablets (1 %). The key figures show that customers are placing increased importance on the ability to search for the latest products or offers regardless of time and place. The Rosenbauer onlineshop is the perfect platform for this.