In order to always be able to offer our customers an excellent and complete product catalog, we are continuously working on improving, expanding, and driving forward our product areas. Not only do we wish to have all the products required for active fire protection in our assortment, but we also strive to offer different options at the highest level. That is why for aerial rescue we have not only turntable ladders but also hydraulic platforms in our program range in order to optimally address the needs of our customers and select the suitable product along with them.


It all starts with an idea

More than two years ago we at Rosenbauer started internal deliberations on how we could position ourselves better in the hydraulic platform product sector. The focus was on finding a company who not only shared our high demands for quality and customer service, but who also had a modular product catalog with potential.

Precisely these requirements were fulfilled by our long-term partner CTE with its High Range product family and the Rovereto production location. This product family does not consist of individual products which are technically largely separate from each another, instead it is a modular system in which the different versions of main telescopic booms and various cage booms can be individually combined. There are three basic variants of main telescopic booms (3-, 4-, and 5-part telescopic booms) and cage booms, which are also available in three basic variants (fixed single cage boom and as 2- and 3-part telescopic cage boom). To ensure that – and due to the fact that – the length of the telescopic booms and cage booms can be varied with little effort, the product can always be configured to suit the customer’s requirements in the range between 32 m and 62 m.

Rosenbauer hydraulic platforms

main telescopic booms


Everything from a single source

Since the new family member Rosenbauer Rovereto joined us in the summer of last year, our focus is now on designing the new generation of this product family. For the first time, we have the opportunity to actively design the entire product, from the smallest bolt right through to the large main telescopic boom. Of course, a new product is not created overnight. It needs a committed team of colleagues with a lot of experience from all areas. What makes Rosenbauer so special is that we can rely on our own specialists in all product and component details, some of whom have decades of experience, enthusiasm, and a passion for firefighting. Our goal is to make a new generation of products that is even better than before. For the new generation, the entire steel construction was optimized with innovative ideas and state-of-the-art processes, which meant that the weight could be reduced drastically.


The new generation

Rosenbauer hydraulic platformThe first vehicles of the new generation of hydraulic platforms were commissioned not too long ago: the B34.
Even after more than ten years at Rosenbauer, it is still an exciting moment for me when a new product which consisted of just a handful of ideas in the beginning, is brought to life. Many colleagues have worked tirelessly towards this moment. In addition to simple commissioning – i.e., filling the hydraulics, making the first movements, loading software, parameterizing, and setting the horizontal reach control – everyone is eagerly awaiting the extensive tests in particular. This will show whether the new product meets all the requirements for function and performance.

Optimizations will be implemented to ensure not only that the defined goals are reached, but also that the new product meets our high quality demands. It is a special delight when the new device functions very well and one can enjoy the first trip with the cage among the breathtaking scenery of the Italian mountains, such as Monte Cornetto.

The new technology not only met our expectations, it exceeded them. And I am already looking forward to this technology being rolled out for the rest of the product family.