Bora Bora is an island belonging to French Polynesia and a top tourist destination approx. 230 km northwest of Papeete. It is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. An ideal spot for diving because of the clear water and the habitat of tropical flora and colorful fishes. Most of the tourists are arriving by plane departing from Papeete because it’s the most convenient and fastest way to get there. But some are using their private jets as well to spend their holidays on this tropical island.

In order that these tourists will arrive safely at the airport of Bora Bora, you need, apart from other safety installations, a fire service meeting the international ICAO standard. That means you need well trained professional fire fighters and the proper fire fighting vehicles to cope with the aforesaid standard and the requirements of the French authorities.

Because of the remote location, the reliability and the readiness of the fire truck are essential for the airport’s safety. Therefore, ADT, the operator of the airports in Tahiti, decided to standardize its fleet by using the Rosenbauer PANTHER 6×6 S not only for the airport in Papeete but also for Bora Bora. This PANTHER 6×6 S is already the third unit for ADT and just arrived at the island in April 2022. Equipped with a special telematic module the Rosenbauer service engineers in Austria as well as the end-user have remote access to the current vehicle status 24/7 which will make after sales service and the operation of the unit much easier and allows a very fast response time.

Worth to mention is also the long way the PANTHER was taking from its point of manufacturing in Austria to its final destination Bora Bora. Especially the final journey from Papeete to Bora Bora was a challenging one by using a ferry and for the final miles a barge.

After the successful training of the fire fighters the PANTHER will go into service to be ready at any time when needed.

A big thank you to the team of SSLIA from Bora Bora and the Bora Bora Fire Chief Mr. Nelson Arapa for providing the pictures of the impressive delivery.