Rosenbauer has been looking to the future for 150 years. The question of how we can support the work of emergency personnel for fires, accidents and catastrophes even more effectively, is what drove and continues to drive us. The saddlery of the resourceful Johann Rosenbauer, who in 1866, co-founded both the volunteer fire department Linz as well as having built his own business, is now a listed international industrial enterprise and global market leader in its 6th generation of family management. The driving force behind this proud development is the burning enthusiasm in us that compels us just as much today as it did 150 years ago, and which is necessary in order to successfully extinguish fires.

I am delighted that you, as our friends, have celebrated this anniversary with us and that you will continue to look to the future with us. Fire and disaster prevention pose various challenges. It is imperative to effectively sustain fire protection organisations, both voluntary and professional, to react to changing deployment scenarios, and to reconcile the increasing number of missions with the chronic budget shortfall from public authorities.

You can rest assured that we will also play our part in handling these challenges in the future with our very own enthusiasm.

The most recent good example for this is the “Concept Fire Truck“, the fire-fighting truck of the future, which we presented to a professional community on the occasion of our 150 year celebration. You will soon be able to read more about this, here is just a taster: we successfully redefined the fire truck by means of technical know-how, enthusiasm to innovate and most importantly through ongoing dialogue with our customers, from a truck with a superstructure to an operations centre that can drive – and which is zero-emission as well.

The “Rosenbauer Blog” is intended to further intensify this very exchange with our ambitious customers at a professionally demanding level using modern-day media, to speed up dialogue and to lead into the digital age. Thereby, as was the case for the last 150 years, we will not forget our roots and we will continually derive developments for the future from our knowledge and achievements from the past: innovation built on tradition indeed!

I wish you much pleasure reading and commenting!

Yours, Dieter Siegel