Once again, I’m surprised how quickly 10 years can fly by.

In June 2013, we introduced the original version of the XS aerial ladder to the market while simultaneously delivering the first units to customers who had been given a preview of the innovation. Long before its introduction, we had entered into discussions about the concept of the new turntable ladder with customers under strict secrecy. The reactions were already highly promising back then.

By the time of the official launch in June 2013 – under the motto “Even closer now” – it quickly became clear that we had created something special with the L32A-XS. The response was staggering, as the benefits were obvious. The fact that the cage was positioned directly in front of the driver’s cab, its turning ability in the narrowest streets, and its capability of reaching even the lowest floors impressed the experts.

We became the number one technological leader in the industry over night.

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we introduced a 500 kg cage to the market in 2015 with version 2.0. Here, we responded to the increased demand from fire departments for the safe transport of obese patients from their homes in supporting emergency services. Another drastic innovation was the cage front, which could be removed similarly to the hydraulic platforms. This enabled transporting patients on the cage floor as well as in their wheelchairs.

In 2018, version 3.0 saw the introduction of an improved control system. Thanks to an optimized ladder set and a cage that was 30 kg lighter, the horizontal reach of the aerial ladder could be increased by 1.5 meters. In addition, the L32A-XS was given a little brother with the L27A-XS, which has proven particularly popular in France.

Finally, in 2022, the XS received the new 10″ company displays starting from version 3.2 and was prepared for the further development of connectivity.