Excellent and innovative

Metz Aerials are at the center of competence for aerials in the Rosenbauer company. The continuous advancement and optimization of hydraulic platforms and aerials, which are available in many equipment versions and for working heights from 20 m to 62 m, ensure that Metz products are internationally renowned with regard to height rescue.


At our Karlsruhe location, nearly 300 employees produce aerial ladders and hydraulic platforms for fire departments all over the world. Continuous development and optimization of the products ensure that Metz is internationally renowned as a leading company in the area of height rescue. Metz aerial ladders are among the most reliable emergency vehicles in the world. Over the decades, the aerial ladder technology from Karlsruhe has rescued many thousands of people.


Impresses with

  • Tradition - over 170 years of experience
  • Innovation leader
  • Uniform operation
  • State-of-the-art CAN bus control
  • Perfectly functioning

Aerial ladders

Ladder truck with aerial appliances - Rosenbauer


Fire truck ladder on vehicle - Rosenbauer

Hydraulic platforms

Aerial ladder truck for high distances - Rosenbauer